Posted on 25/05/2015 by Christa

Time has flown by. Been busy with the Belgian selection of the World Chocolate Masters and now preparing for the finals in October. Busy Busy!
Bit by bit we'll be adding some new pictures to the website.

Posted on 25/09/2014 by Christa

Article featured in the September edition of Pasticceria Internazionale, the n. 1 Italian Pasty magazine.

Posted on 12/09/2014 by Christa

To promote our artisanal home made chocolates from The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong in China, the hotel is organising a "Peninsula Showcase Roadshow". We will did the presentation in Hong Kong for Shenzhen and Guangzhou press as you can see ont the pctures hereunder. Next is Shanghai and Beijing.

Posted on 12/09/2014 by Christa

It happens more than often that we have VIP's in the hotel. It's always a challenge to surprise them with some nice and fun amenity.

Posted on 15/07/2014 by Christa

Chocolate Mooncakes  - The Peninsula Hong Kong

For the first time we made chocolate mooncakes at The Peninsula. Very famouse for Mid-Authom festival is this little cake which makes a popular gift. As the Springmoon mooncake at The Peninsula is the most popular and voted best in town, this year I created a chocolate mooncake which is only a Limited Edition item of 300 boxes of 2pieces.